Built on best practices and decades of research, Workitect offers the most powerful competency framework available today. Learn how to develop and implement models within your organization to align your business strategy with your talent strategy.

Build new models or update existing models
Develop competency-based talent management application

  • Plan a competency modeling project
  • Communicate and gain support for the project
  • Choose from alternative methods for building single competency models and one-size-fits-all models
  • Build models for multiple jobs in an organization
  • Use resource panels to collect data
  • Conduct structured key event interviews
  • Analyze and code interview transcripts, and white job models
  • Develop HR applications for talent management, assessment, selection
  • Succession planning, development and performance management
  • Use Workitect’s licensed competency dictionary (purchasaed separately)

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This workshop provided me with a concise and thorough process to develop a Competency model.
And in Addition, tools are provided for each component in the model, including tools to apply the new model. The program is great!

– Maritza Zaenger, V.P., H.R. Cole-Parmer & Field Operations, Thermo Fisher Scientific

  • 01

    Conceptualizing The Project

    • Thinking through the business need
    • Clarifying the need with the sponsor
    • Developing an approach
    • Gaining the sponsor’s support for the approach
    • Three approaches to competency model building
  • 02

    Project Planning

    • Stakeholder analysis
    • Structure of the project plan
  • 03

    Data Collection

    • Data collection tasks
    • Primary data collection methods
    • Secondary data collection method
  • 03

    Data Collection (Cont’d)

    • Complete data gathering exercises
  • 04

    Data Analysis And Coding

    • General approach for analyzing data
    • Analyzing data from job analysis interviews
    • Analyzing data from structured event interviews
    • Integrate data from all sources
    • Target data exercise
    • Coding Exercise
    • Analyzing data from resource panels
  • 05

    Building The Competency Model

    • Select a set of competencies
    • Create behavioral indicators
    • Identify clusters
    • Prepare draft of model
    • Review with sponsors
  • 02

    Project Planning (Revisited)

    • Complete planning exercise (own project)
  • 06

    Developing Applications

    • Professional Development and Training
    • Selection
    • Performance Management
    • Succession Planning
    • Other–Compensation, Culture change
    • Group discussions on specific application
  • 03

    Summary And Program Wrap-Up

    • Summary exercise
    • Final issues and wrap-up

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