Competency Development Guide

Competency Development Guide

The Competency Development Guide is the 5th Edition of an easy-to-use, 280-page, 8.5″ x 11″ spiral bound handbook
featuring actionable tips and resources for the development of 35 competencies.

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Table of Contents
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Organization-Wide Use

An intellectual property license that enables an organization to customize and use the guides throughout the organization is included with our Competency Dictionary

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Competency Development Guide

License for
Organization-Wide Use 

(Includes Competency Dictionary)


For Each Competency, There Are Sections On:

  • A definition and observable behaviors that may indicate the existence of a competency in an individual
  • Importance of the competency
  • General considerations in developing the competency
  • Practicing the competency
  • Obtaining feedback
  • Learning from experts
  • Coaching suggestions for managers
  • Sample development goals
  • Books
  • Self-study courses
  • External courses and seminars

Details of the Competency Development Guide

ISBN 978-0-9855598-0-9

The Competency Development Guide, also know as the Resource Guide for Developing Competencies, is a workbook that helps organizations implement competency-based human resource systems, and helps individuals improve their competencies and opportunities for career advancement. This 280-page, 8.5” x 11″, spiral-bound workbook provides background on competencies and instruction on setting competency development goals, along with specific suggestions for developing each of 35 different competencies.

Developing competencies can be initially overwhelming for even the most experienced HR practitioners. Workitect’s Competency Development Guide – Resource Guide for Developing Competencies provides you with a helpful starting point, as well as in-depth information to guide you through the entire process of developing competencies. Whether you’re looking for a ready reference guide or a comprehensive resource, this 280-page, 8.5” x 11″, spiral-bound workbook (e-versions available) will give you the information you need to develop 35 competencies.

Benefits For Employees

Employees will benefit personally from the competency-specific guidance offered in the Guide, a must-have resource for any business professional interested in personal career development. The Guide outlines not only what the competencies entail, but provides tips on how to develop and practice the competency, along with an extensive list of additional resource materials.  Learn more

Options And Benefits For Organizations

Choose From A Range Of Options To Meet Your Needs:

  • Individual copies that can be purchased
  • A PDF version that can be electronically distributed to employees, or printed and distributed based on their needs
  • An intellectual property license that includes Word documents that can be easily modified to reflect an organization’s specific requirements.
  • Subscriptions to the online eDeveloper™, an interactive elearning program that incorporates content from the Competency Development Guide.

Taking the time and using the right tools to develop competencies can help you improve hiring decisions, increase productivity and enhance organizational performance. These extensive guides provide you with detailed information to streamline competency development and ensure effective implementation.

The time you’ll save by relying on the advice and examples in this manual will more than cover the cost of ensuring that you, your staff, and key managers have ready access to the tools and information they need.

Focused Competency Development Program

The objective of this program is to improve each person’s performance in terms of their position-specific competencies, and the organization’s overall performance against those competencies, through feedback, coaching, and training.

Each targeted competency is trained in 2-4 hour modules followed by focused individual development efforts. Our approach consists of nine steps described in this blog.

Organizations With An Intellectual Property License

These organizations have acquired intellectual property licenses that have enabled them to provide customized guides for all employees throughout their organization. The Competency Dictionary license that is included with this license has also enabled them to build job competency models and competency-based HR and talent management applications.

Resource Guide For Developing Global HR Competencies

The Resource Guide for Developing Global HR Competencies is the second edition of a 166-page spiral-bound book that provides a comprehensive listing of resources for developing 18 strategic and tactical HR competencies from our competency dictionary for HR that are required of Human Resource professionals working anywhere in the world, including in locations with limited access to resources.

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Table of Contents
& Sample Guide (pdf)

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