Order Form For A Workitect Competency Dictionary And Intellectual Property License

To purchase a license to use Workitect’s Competency Dictionary, Competency Interview Guides, and/or Competency Development Guide, please follow these steps.

STEP 1 – Fill in the information shown below and return to licensing@workitect.com. (Contact us if you have any questions. Phone 800-870-9490 or Email edward.cripe@workitect.com)

THE INTELLECTUAL PROPERTY LICENSE AGREEMENT will be made between Workitect, Inc., 2020 N.E. 53rd Street, Fort Lauderdale, FL 33308, and:

Organization/Company (Licensee)*
Full Address*
Number of full-time salaried and commissioned employees*
Organization’s Contact - Name*
Position Title*
License is for these materials (please check)
Please select your plan* Basic PlanStandard Plan
Includes Competency Dictionary
($1 per employee + $1,500 onboarding fee)

Includes Competency Dictionary
Competency Interview Guides
Competency Development Guide(s)
($4 per employee + $1,500 onboarding fee)

STEP 2 – We will send you a signed copy of our license agreement along with an invoice for the license fee.
STEP 3 – Your organization signs and returns the license agreement and pays the invoice, and then receives the Workitect Material.

Or print, fill out, and return this form to licensing@workitect.com.

Workitect, Inc.
2020 N.E. 53rd Street, Suite 1000
Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33308
Phone: 954.938.5370 or 800.870.9490
Email: info@workitect.com

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