Assess competenciesWhy Competency Assessment is Important

Competencies are the skills and personal characteristics that enable people to achieve superior performance. Competency-based assessment and development processes are designed to improve people’s productivity and effectiveness by strengthening competencies that facilitate superior performance. These processes may also be used to prepare people for the next job in their career by developing competencies that will be needed in that job. The needed competencies are identified in job competency models, which are the foundation for effective talent management that enables an organization to attract, retain, and develop the right talent.

After a talent strategy, competency framework, and competency models are created, the next step is to assess the competencies of the current workforce and the organization. Competency assessments are key!

Accurately assessing a person’s competencies determines the quality, validity, and usefulness of every human resources application that is derived from assessments, including development, succession planning, and performance management. 

Here are some methods that have been effectively used by organizations:

Competency Assessment Surveys

If a competency model includes behavioral indicators, a competency assessment survey can be developed based on three to seven behavioral indicators per competency. Typically, there are four or five items per competency. The items may be grouped by competency or presented in random order. Rating scales may be based on various dimensions, as illustrated in the table below.