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Products and Licenses

Simplify the Development of Competency Models . Use Customizable Tools to Simplify Implementation
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Simplify the creation of competency models and applications by utilizing a comprehensive set of tools developed by Workitect. Each component is written in language that “makes sense” to people at all levels in an organization. You'll save, time and money and have the confidence that your applications are based on tested, research-based content.

Each tool is derived from the 35 competencies in Workitect’s Competency Dictionary, and the competency models that are created. The Competency Development Guide and eDeveloper™ focus on ways to develop each of the 35 competencies. The Competency Interview Guides describe an interview process and interview questions for each competency. The 360° survey instrument provides assessment feedback for each competency.


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Intellectual Property Licenses & HRMS Integration

The Competency Dictionary is available through a license. Other products can be purchased through our online store without a license. They can also be licensed.

If you enter into an intellectual property license, you can create derivatives of the content of each tool. Derivatives are created when you add to or delete from the content, make changes to the wording, add in your own company training options, or copy portions of the content into another document. A Workitect IPL gives you the freedom and flexibility to copy and modify our extensive range of content for use within your organization.

Our competencies can be uploaded into any system, such as those offered by SAP or Halogen. Our competency dictionary has been pre-loaded into Halogen's system.

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Competency Dictionary License

Includes 35 competencies in five clusters, with definitions, behaviors, and levels by position and proficiency. Is customizable, and available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. 




Competency Interview Guides

Provides questions and probes for each of 35 competencies. Includes positive and negative behavioral indicators, and a candidate summary. Can be used for panel/group interviews, and is customizable.




360° Competency Assessments

A customizable multi-rater assessment tool providing feedback from direct reports, peers, internal customers and supervisors on a person’s observed strengths and development needs.




Competency Development Guide

A 276-page workbook and resource guide for developing competencies. Provides background on competencies and instruction on setting competency development goals, along with specific suggestions for developing 35 behavioral competencies.





Web-based, online guide containing comprehensive employee development and coaching tools with direct links to developmental resources.




Competency Management System

The Competency Dictionary, Competency Interview Guides, and Building Competency Models certification workshop in one “package”.




Client Testimonials

“These programs teach you valuable information that will benefit your entire HR process from recruiting, performance management, and succession planning.” Director of HR & Training - Engineering Company

“Brilliant programs with an unimaginable amount of resources.” HR Manager - Government

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