Competency Management System

A comprehensive, integrated set of tools that give executives, managers and human resource professionals the ability to create competency-based human resource applications.


Competency Dictionary

Create a framework

A license to use our Competency Dictionary* enables you to easily create models and applications without having to develop your own dictionary. The Dictionary includes thirty-five validated competencies in five clusters, with definitions, behaviors, and levels by position and proficiency. The Dictionary is customizable, and is available in English, Spanish, French, German, and Italian. It is provided in a PDF or Word format for easy customization.   Learn more

Competency Interview Guides

Apply to assessment & selection

Competency Interview Guides assist in the behavioral interviewing process. Each guide provides specific questions and probes for each of the thirty-five competencies in the Competency Dictionary. In addition, positive and negative behavioral indicators are listed that will help evaluate the candidate's responses. An instructional guide and candidate interview summary form are included. The set is provided in a PDF or Word format for easy customization.   Learn more

Competency Modeling Certification

Competency Modeling Certification

Successful completion of Workitect’s “Building Competency Models” three-day workshop prepares participants to effectively use the competency dictionary and to develop job competency models and applications. It gives the participant’s organization the rights to use more than thirty forms, templates, instruments, and tools for implementing competency-based HR systems. It is conducted as a public or on-site workshop.  Learn more

Competency Management System

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2 More Products Also Available

Competency Development Guide

Apply to training and development

The Competency Development Guide (5th edition of the Resource Guides for Developing Competencies series), is a workbook that helps individuals, managers, and coaches to plan, develop and improve a person's competencies. The 276-page spiral-bound workbook provides background on competencies and instruction on setting competency development goals, along with specific suggestions for developing thirty-five competencies. The guide contains a variety of worksheets and information for each competency that includes a definition, behaviors, importance, general considerations in developing the competency, practicing the competency, obtaining feedback for development, learning from experts, coaching suggestions for managers, sample development goals, and a listing of resources (books, online and self-study courses, and seminars).   Learn more


Apply to self-development

eDeveloper™ is a web-based, on-line guide containing comprehensive employee development and coaching tools with direct links to developmental resources. It provides an efficient and cost-effective way for people to self-develop and acquire new competencies needed to achieve personal or career goals. It is available on a site license or annual subscription basis. Customized content, competencies, graphics, or placement on an intranet are options.   Learn more

Steps to Creating an Effective Competency Management System

  • Purchase an intellectual property license to use our Competency Management Suite
  • Attend our Building Competency Models workshop
  • Develop your own competency framework, models, and HR applications
  • Provide employees with access to development tools such as the Competency Development Guide or eDeveloper™
  • Develop or purchase a HRMS (not offered by Workitect) to integrate and manage the system you have created. Most HRMS vendors give you the option of using your own dictionary instead of their generic one.

*Based on the original “job competence assessment” research and testing methodology developed by Dr. David McClelland and McBer & Company, as described in Competence at Work: Models for Superior Performance (ISBN 978-0471548096)


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