Develop Competency Models


Develop competency frameworks, models, and applications that connect human resource strategies with business strategies.


competency models workshops are SHRM and HRCI accredited


Learn how to build your own job competency models and applications. Attend our popular 3-day workshop, accredited by SHRM and HRCI.


Simplify the Process  


Implement applications with comprehensive tools that include a competency
dictionary, interview guides,
and development guides.


Benefits for Individuals and Organizations
  • Staffing - people with the right capabilities to help your organization gain competitive advantage are hired, placed and promoted.
  • Training and Development – gaps in each employee's capabilities are identified, so these gaps can be remedied. Individuals are provided with detailed road maps for increasing their capabilities incrementally.
  • Performance Management - competencies and results are assessed side by side, reminding employees that how they do things is as important as what they do.
  • Compensation - both competencies and results impact base pay decisions to reward performance and competency development.
Why Workitect?
  • Practical & User-Friendly - our services and products have been tested and applied in the real world; easily used by employees at all levels.
  • Ultra flexible– our tools and resources, including a competency dictionary, interview guides, development guides, and on-site workshops, can be customized to your unique needs.
  • Expert support - with Workitect, you get the expertise of consultants who have at least 25 years of experience in job competency modeling, competency-based talent management, and organization and leadership development.
  • Validated methodology - take advantage of the original job competence assessment methodology developed by Dr. David McClelland and McBer/Hay.
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Client Testimonials


“Workitect taught us how to build effective competency models. More importantly, they shared with us ways to use the models. We established hiring and selection criteria, created effective training and development courses, and developed unique incentive reward programs. If you want to learn to internalize the processes of competency modeling, you can’t pick a better organization to show you how.” Walter Hogan, Corporate Manager, Human Resource Development, Cable & Wireless Communications

“Workitect’s competency modeling process gave us a solid foundation to select and develop high performing branch managers and customer service reps. Their consultants worked well with all levels - from executive to front-line employees. They were professional, easy to work with, and good at sharing their expertise and organizational insight with us." Tony Wiggins, Director, Organizational Learning, Applied Industrial Technologies

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