Interviewing for Competencies - 1 Day Agenda

8:30 AM Introduction   

  • What to select for
  • Business purpose of selection; the cost of a bad selection decision
  • Selection interviewing in the context of the selection process
  • Research on what kinds of selection interviews are valid

Introduction to Competencies and Competency Models

Determining Selection Criteria

  • Using a position description with the hiring manager
  • Using a Competency Selector to identify competencies to assess
  • Focusing on a manageable set of competencies to assess

Organizing the Selection Process

  • Determining what to assess outside of interviews
  • Preparing a selection interviewing plan

Introduction to Behavioral Interviewing

The Behavioral Competency Assessment Interview (BCAI)

  • Overview of the Interview
  • How to start an interview
  • How to probe an event
  • Practice interviews
  • Managing problems in selection interviews

Scoring the BCAI

  • Note taking guidelines
  • Using a competency rating scale

Comparing Candidates and Making a Selection Decision   

5:00 PM Adjourn