Participants in Workitect’s Building Competency Models Workshops said:

“If you want to become an architect of building competence in organizations, this course will provide you with the tools, advice, and expertise to bring an ROI to talent systems.”

Sherry Duda
President, Alex Reidy & Company

“This program provides practical tools and insights that enable participants to effectively pursue measurable improvements in their workplace.”

Mark Saigeon
Manager, Public Health Agency of Canada

“This is a must have for learning & development professionals.”

Phoebe Swan
Sr. Learning & Development Specialist

“Best train-the-trainer program I’ve attended”

Judith Barclay
HR Specialist

“The instructor’s experience really brought the workshop to life. ”

Charles Bellas
VP Manager, Employee Development
First Commonwealth

“I had experience developing competency models before I came to this course, but had no standard process. I know that I can go and use this process in my organization. ”

Allison Moreland
Founder, Learning Solution Designer
Learning in Bits

“Clear, concise understanding of what work competency modeling is all about”

Cynthia Brooks

“I liked the balanced approached to group discussion and projects, and also examples provided. ”

Kevin Gaffney
HR Manager
DeCrescente Distributing Company

“This program met my needs and those of my department exactly!!!! ”

David Brown
Manager of Corporate Operations
Government of NL, Canada

“Great Job! ”

Pat Connelly
Director of HR
Peace Corps

“Three days of development well spent! Practical application!”

Patricia Duane
VP of HR>

“Workitect provided a great learning experience providing a basic simple way of developing competencies models on my own. ”

Robin Lynn Juliano
Manager I.T. Competencies
Excellus Health Plan

“Very different way to look at competencies than we have used traditionally. Refreshing & Challenging! ”

Steve Hastings
Training Manager
National Park Service

“Excellent program, clearly explained the value of building and using competency models to improve performance. Provided the critical ‘how to skills’. Offered theory and application which is rare in most training programs. ”

Joan Strohauer
Education Programs Consultant Department Personnel

“Great Class! ”

Debbie Dolenga
Personnel Administration
State of California D.P.A.

“Very effective trainer provided very useful information, very knowledgeable and great facilitator. ”

Ginny Chang
HR Modernization
State of California – D.P.A.

“For practical application and real world scenarios, you can’t beat this session to bring to life how the competency model is planned, generate, and communicated in your organization. ”

Elaine Angelo
Training Manager
DeCresente Distributing Company

“Great program that cuts to the chase regarding competencies! ”

Dave Lanphear
HRD Analyst
QBE Insurance

“This is a practical ‘hands on’ approach to building competency models for those planning to develop one immediately. One excellent workshop materials are rich reference sources. When you are faced with actual implementation of your project. ”

Ephrain Osunde
L & D Advisor
Chevron Nigeria Ltd

“Great systematic learning experience I enjoyed the interaction with other attendees. Dick was superb, a great trainer, facilitated the class well, kept us moving through the materials. ”

Bonnie Russell
National Recruitment Office of the Comptroller of the Currency

“After this program, I am more confident in my understanding of competencies as well as my ability to design and implement them. ”

Ellie Wilson
HR Generalist
Cooley Dickinson Hospital

“Richard is very knowledgeable and has an engaging style. Exceptional Training! ”

Angela Crutchfield
Director Organization Development & Learning
Brigham & Women’s Hospital

“Very thorough and comprehensive yet simple approach to building competency models. Provided the map and tools to get there. Very impressed with the training. Great facilitation!”

Dina Yorba
Director of Admin Services

“Finally – a practical application-based course! I am walking away with both foundational knowledge & practice in the competency-building process. Well done, Workitect!”

Heather Stuewe
Director, Home Office Learning & Performance Improvement

“Workitect demystified the competency development process and gave us the confidence to move forward with our program.”

Kelly Elizardo
Director, Learning & Development

“Excellent certification program. I loved how a complex process was explained as an easy ongoing process. Congratulations, great job!”

Ingrid Martinez
Executive Director

“This program does a very good job of building a firm foundation & understanding of competency model building. Resources & tools provided are extremely valuable.”

Patty Marrero
Mgr OD, HR

“In addition to meeting course objectives, this course is an excellent opportunity to learn about what other companies/industries are doing in this area.”

Adele Montoye
Mgr., Training, Awareness & Tech. Communications
Sandia National Labs

“The Building Competency Models workshop provided capstone knowledge to my previous learnings on behavioral interviews performances management and other similar knowledge. It provided an in-depth view into the world of competencies. I am walking out with the ability to start using the information immediately.”

Mary Hladio
Managing Partner
Ember Carriers

“Good for an experienced HR professional looking for some tools and resources to add their bag of tricks. ”

Lindsay Evans
Training and Development
Chatham Financial

“I have attended seminars where halfway through the session, I knew that the session, I knew that the material would end up “on the shelf”. This has been an excellent seminar with relevant and useable information and data. I will refer to the material over and over. Thank you for sharing so much! ”

Kim Elbers
HR Manager
The First National Bank in Sioux Falls

“Brilliant program with an uimaginable anmount of resources. ”

Bolaji Olagunju
Workforce Management Centre

“Excellent for companies focused on human performance & improvement. Also excellent for learning architects.”

Rama Balage
Sr. Learning Architect

“The program was a great introduction to competency models, how to design and how to deploy them in your organization. The facilitations helped me tie in our actual situations and utilized case studies to make the concept real. ”

Amanda Cole
Training and Development Manager
Wesco International

“The abundance of useful tools, templates and examples amazed me. These are things I can put to use immediately to drive performance through competency models in my business unit. ”

David DeAngelis
Director, Technology Training & Support Services
GTech Corporation

“The amount of information provided in this course exceeds expectations and can be valuable regardless of previous experience with competency models. The novice and the expert can benefit. ”

Kalaide Holmes
Human Capital Analyst

“In an environment where everyone is quick to tell you the value of competency models, Workitect is one of the few organizations that actually teach a repeatable process for building customized models. Working with the Workitect consultants was refreshingly different from the usual consultant experience. Not only did they demonstrate significant expertise in building competency models for our organization, they were dedicated to providing our internal staff with the skills needed to follow the process and build additional models ourselves. Their goal was to teach and guide us to be self sustaining, and they did this by providing training, allowing us to shadow them during the building process, and being available to address questions and concerns throughout the process. Overall, our relationship with Workitect has been invaluable, and we are quick to recommend them to anyone who is interested in creating customized competency models for their organization. “

Shannon Johnson
Performance Consultant
Blue Cross Blue Shield of Alabama

“With all honesty this was the best use of my time and the company’s money. I gained an incredible amount of knowledge and insight into the end-to-end process of building competency models. ”

Lori Cotto
Manager of Learning and Development

“This training is a great overview of competency modeling that provides all the tools and resources to implement a competency model. Our company already has a framework in place, but this will aid in enhancing and adding to our current framework.”

Kelly Sanders
Analyst, HCO-MHPM

“Anyone who is charged with creating competency models should take Workitect’s class. This really will help prepare you.”

Lauren Sciarretta

“Excellent method presented in a logical, efficient manner.”

Joe Rauner
HCM Program Specialist

“This course is simultaneously practical, comprehensive, and intellectually rigorous. By providing the project methodology and the modelling methodology, Workitect has given me all I need to succeed. I am ready to go!”

Deane Williams

“Great information and resources to get anyone started in building competency models. You will walk away with the tools at your fingertips to get the job done.”

Kelly Morris
Sr. Instructional Designer, H.R. Org. Effectiveness
Franklin Templeton Investments

“Thorough program with great examples, and instructors with real world experience.”

Kim Ort
Human Resources
Kraton Polymers

“The workshop is a fantastic blueprint to follow; not a seminar filled with theory and philosophical thought which do you no good in the real world.”

Kim Dorer
Director, Talent Management
Spectrum Health Medical Group

“Simple, practical and valuable.”

Mike Schick
Talent Development Solutions

“Excellent three day workshop that provides you with significant information and practical tools that can be applied immediately to the workplace. For the Sr, Management/Executive level, the three day workshop provides a well balanced level of detail in assisting in the decision making process on whether or not to engage in competency modeling.”

Mary Duncan
V.P. Human Resources
CAA, South Central Ontario

“I am concluding the program feeling confident in my ability to go back to the office and implement what I learned.”

Victoria Baker
Manager, Operations
Thompson Rivers University

“Great program that provides me a clear understanding of competency models, and provided me the ability to do it myself. Great presenters with a deep amount of practical experience.”

Rich Stewart
Executive Director, Non-Gaming Operations
Cypress Bayou Casino

“Dick was a great trainer – very knowledgeable, humorous/engaging. Love the succession planning piece!”

Sandra Rosenau
CPS Human Resource Services

“Workitect brought a significant amount of practical expertise in Competency Model design to the table. This helped us decide on what the best approach would be early into the project, given our particular corporate culture and context. Workitect was able to present alternatives that felt right for us, without feeling like we were getting “off the shelf” products.”

Ruben Decoud
Manager, International Human Resources
Mary Kay Inc.

“Very good session for any HR professional who needs to know all the nuts & bolts of competency models. ”

Vincent Apolloni
Corporate HR Manager
Suncoke Energy

“Really gives you a clear understanding of what Competencies and Competency behaviors are and how you can apply them.”

Sandra Smith
Instructional Designer
Sandia National Labs

“The model was exceptionally laid-out and explained so that we could take back and implement. ”

Ellen Hyslope Sr.
HR Business Partner
Middleburg Bank

“A great session, very productive for me personally. I learned a lot of new things I will be better at building competency models. ”

Alberto Arroyo
Assessment & Development Consultant
Corporate Insights

“After participating in Workitect’s Competency Modeling Workshop, I know that I can go back to the job and implement the process with competence and confidence. ”

Lain Adams
Learning and Development
Macerich Co.

“Competency modeling is an essential process for all organizations. After completing this workshop, I feel well equipped with the knowledge and skills to help communicate, develop, and implement competency models for our organization. ”

Latsamy Visetsin
OD&L/HR Manager
Brigham & Women’s Hospital