Competency Development Program

The objective of this program is to improve each person’s performance in terms of their position-specific competencies, and the organization’s overall performance against those competencies, through feedback, coaching and training.

Each targeted competency is trained in 2-4 hour modules followed by focused individual development efforts.

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Our approach will consist of nine steps:

A. Develop a competency model for a job group.

  1. Create a formal competency model for the specific job group

B. Identify the strengths and development needs of each individual and of the total group.

  1. Customized 360° survey
    A customized 360° feedback instrument based on the model is developed and administered.  The survey provides clear, concise feedback from direct reports, peers, internal customers and supervisors along with the participant’s self-assessment.  The participant receives feedback on the degree to which he/she has been observed demonstrating competencies identified and listed in the group’s competency model, usually 8-15 competencies.
  1. Feedback to each individual
    Each participant receives a feedback report that identifies strengths and development opportunities.  This is done in a session where the participants learn how to interpret and use the feedback to prepare individual development plans.
  1. Identify the total group’s needs
    For the group, this baseline assessment identifies which competencies are strengths and which require development in order to help the organization meet its long and short-term goals.In addition, participant strengths and development areas can be used to identify optional team projects which can provide developmental experiences in desired competencies for group members.

C. Plan and create a training and development approach and program.

  1. Plan the development approach and program
    Based upon the baseline data, a training and development curriculum, including learning goals for each of the targeted competency development modules, is planned. Each competency will be covered in a 2-4 hour session.
  1. Develop training materials
    We then select or develop the required training materials. Materials already exist for some of the competencies.

D. Implement the program.

  1. Conduct training
    Training for each targeted competency is delivered in 2-4 hour modules. Your own instructors can be trained to conduct sessions.
  1. Complete individual development plans
    At the end of each module, we help participants work on their individual development plans, utilizing our Competency Development Guide and online eDeveloper™. This is where the optional team projects can be introduced as a developmental approach for selected competencies.
  1. Follow-up coaching
    We train your managers in coaching skills to enable them help the participants achieve their individual goals.
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