Customized Combination of Training and Consulting.


Since 2004, Workitect has trained more than 1,200 HR professionals to build and implement job competency models. When graduates begin to plan a competency modeling project for their organizations, they often call us for advice or support.  Sometimes they also want to have additional people from their organization trained to assist them in their efforts.  But they prefer that they not have to wait to attend the a future public session of our Building Competency Models workshop.

An effective alternative that addresses both needs is on-site delivery of that workshop, combined with our Creating Technical Competencies workshop (for organizations needing to include technical competencies in their competency models). This tailored training is followed by our consultant remaining on-site to assist in the planning, development, and implementation of the organization’s first model.

There are many options for configuration of this guided launch training/consulting assistance, including:

  • Option 1: Modified Building Competency Models workshop to include technical competencies in a three-day session followed by one day of implementation support.
  • Option 2: Two-day Building Competency Models workshop followed by one-day of implementation support.
  • Option 3: One-day Creating Technical Competencies workshop followed by one day of implementation support.
  • Option 4: Other – customized to needs of the organization

Customized training and consulting

The Process

This is the process for determining and planning the right approach:

Step 1: Assessing your organization’s situation and needs. 

Based upon your situation, plans, and goals regarding competency models, our consultant will work with you to determine the actions needed to launch the development process. This includes selecting the position(s) for the first models and creating a detailed plan to develop those model(s).

Step 2: Developing and delivering a customized program to train your staff.

We deliver on-site training specifically designed to prepare your staff to develop the models identified in Step 1.  And the length of the program will range from one to three days depending on the models to be developed.

Step 3:  On-site consulting to assist with launching model development. 

We will remain on-site for one-two days to assist and coach your staff in conducting initial activities, e.g. panel sessions, structured interviews.

Step 4: Ongoing consulting. 

We will be available for consulting advice as you progress with your development process.


The Creating Technical Competencies Part of the Program

Most competency models created today require the inclusion of technical, functional, or professional competencies. These competencies are so job-specific that there are no competency dictionaries or libraries from which to draw competency definitions. This program covers a six-step process that includes how to collect and analyze the data needed to create technical competencies for inclusion in job competency models. The topics include:

  • Interviews to clarify the needs of persons who will use the competency models and the technical competencies.
  • Technical Domain Interviews with subject matter experts to identify and define technical competencies within an organizational unit or population.
  • Job Analysis Interviews to identify technical requirements of jobs.
  • Competency Mapping Sessions to determine which technical competencies are needed at different levels in specific jobs.
  • Planning and implementing a technical competency modeling project.


How to Include Technical Competencies in Competency Model

Developing Technical Competencies

Managing Role-Specific Technical Competencies

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