Designers of “Blueprints for Superior Employee Performance”

(Job Competency Models & Applications)

Workitect is a consulting and training firm that provides competency-based human resource and talent management tools, programs and systems with applications for:

Competency Based Training

  • Assessment & Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Career Pathing
  • Training and Development
  • Leadership Development

We started in 1992 as Merit Group, changed to Workitect, Inc. in 2005. Since the beginning, we have provided innovative and effective solutions that help organizations assess, select, develop, and retain superior performers in the workplace. We are a small, highly specialized firm. Each consultant has at least 35 years of relevant experience developing job competency models and applications for talent management and human resources.

Our work in competency systems is based on solid research, much of it learned from our association with Hay/McBer and Company, the firm that created and perfected job competency modeling.

Our offerings include:


Competency-Based HR & Talent Management Systems

Studying the people who are already producing extraordinary results, identifying their characteristics...then designing selection, training and performance management systems that drive superior performance.


Competency Development

Giving people the opportunity to develop the competencies needed to produce extraordinary results... by providing competency-based leadership and professional development programs and modules that can be customized to an organization's needs.


Developmental Resources and Tools

Providing user-friendly tools to help organizations and individuals increase competence... including a Competency Development Guide, an online eDeveloper™, and 360 degree multi-rater feedback instruments.


Global Perspective

Training and consulting for multi-national firms outside of the United States, licensing our products and services to consulting firms in England, Poland and Romania 


Software and Technology

Partnering with Halogen Software to make our competencies and developmental resources available to users of Halogen's human resources suite of programs. Offering a virtual resource panel for organizations developing job models in widely dispersed locations.


Client Testimonials

“Workitect’s competency modeling process gave us a solid foundation to select and develop high performing branch managers and customer service reps. Their consultants worked well with all levels - from executive to front-line employees. They were professional, easy to work with, and good at sharing their expertise and organizational insight with us.” Director, Organizational Learning, Manufacturing Company

“Workitect taught us how to build effective competency models. More importantly, they shared with us ways to use the models. We established hiring and selection criteria, created effective training and development courses, and developed unique incentive reward programs. If you want to learn to internalize the processes of competency modeling, you can’t pick a better organization to show you how.” Corporate Manager, Human Resource Development, Telecommunications Company

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