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Create a framework for an integrated talent management system.
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The Competencies


    Competency Dictionary

    In This Format - By Job Level and Level of Proficiency
    (Examples: "Developing Others" & "Analytical Thinking") - See Example

    Competency Dictionary Job Proficiency Levels

    The Dictionary Can Be Used To Build Competency Models Like These

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    Are you looking for a simple, flexible, easy-to-use, and less-costly alternative to HRSG, Korn Ferry, SuccessFactors, and Cornerstone? Check out our competency dictionary and interview guides package. These organizations did, and choose Workitect:

    Air Canada

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    Bank Independent

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    Central Bank of Belize

    Central Pacific Bank

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    The Dairy Farm Company Ltd. (Hong Kong)

    Davenport University


    Enclos Corporation

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    Fortune Pharmacal

    Fulton Hogan

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    Airports Authority of Trinidad and Tobago

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    Yoco Technologies (South Africa)

    Advantages of this Dictionary

    Comprehensive, but Simplified

    In language that is easy for everyone to understand.

    Multiple Applications

    Here are a few examples of applications you can create:

    • Create competency models for your organization,
    • Modify competency definitions to fit your corporate culture and business needs,
    • Integrate the competencies and definitions into your interview tools (or use our Competency Interview Guides that are included with the dictionary),
    • Create competency-based job profiles and descriptions,
    • Load competencies and development options (listed in our Competency Development Guide) into your performance management or talent management system,
    • Include competencies and definitions in performance reviews,
    • Include assessment of competencies in succession planning process.


    An intellectual property license gives you the freedom and flexibility to copy and modify the content for use within your organization. You'll save, time and money and have the confidence that your work products are based on tested, research-based content.


    This is not a packed software program. It is intellectual property content that you can use in any way you choose, and integrate into your own HRIS or one you that purchase.


    One-time fee, with no annual renewal fees. The fee is calculated based on the number of employees in an organization who will be covered by HR processes that contain Workitect competencies. This often excludes hourly-rated employees.


    1. Format - In what format will the dictionary be available?

    It will be provided in a Word document, Excel spreadsheet, PDF, and online on a web page accessible with a password.

    2. Build Our Own - Can we create our own dictionary rather than purchasing a generic one?

    You can. But it will cost your organization a lot of time and money to replicate one like ours that is based on over 30 years of research and practical experience in building models. You can buy ours and customize it to reflect your organization’s culture, language, and performance expectations.

    3. Off-the-Shelf Models - Can we buy off-the-shelf competency models and avoid purchasing a dictionary? Don't jobs with the same title require pretty much the same competencies in all organizations?

    Each organization has its own culture and "way of doing business". Even for jobs with identical titles, job success in one organization will require some competencies that are different in another organization. Even a small difference could be critical, which is why we only build custom models or teach internal consultants how to build their own models.

    4. Technical Competencies - How can technical or functional competencies be included in competency models?

    These competencies can be determined through interviews and expert panels that are conducted as part of the model building process. The identified competencies can then be listed under the Technical Expertise (#21) competency in our dictionary.

    5. Certification - Do we have to be “certified” to use the Workitect dictionary?

    No. But, satisfactory completion of our Building Competency Models workshop is strongly recommended for anyone interested in acquiring an intellectual property license for our Competency Dictionary. Completion of the workshop ensures that use of the Dictionary is built on a research foundation, applied practice, and the knowledge to effectively implement a competency-based human resource system in your organization.

    6. Combine with Another Dictionary - Can we integrate the dictionary with another one we have purchased from a different provider?

    Yes. You can customize our dictionary and create a "derivative" that combines our competencies with ones you have created and ones in other dictionaries.

    7. Upload into HR System - Can the Workitect competency dictionary be uploaded into a talent management or human resource management system?

    Yes. You can have the competencies uploaded into any system, such as those offered by SAP or Halogen. Our competency dictionary has been pre-loaded into Halogen's system.

    8. Updates - Will the dictionary be periodically updated with new or revised competencies? Will we be charged for the updates?

    Updates will be made no more than once a year. The most recent update was made three years after the previous update. Each update will cost $500.

    Competency Dictionary

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    “I’ve seen many overly complicated systems. This is a more simplified competency dictionary.” Human Resources Director - Manufacturing

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