eDeveloper™ Online Competency Development

Web-based, on-line version of the Competency Development Guide, containing comprehensive employee development and coaching tools with direct links to developmental resources. It provides an efficient and cost-effective way for people to develop and acquire new competencies needed to achieve personal or career goals.

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For Individuals

Enables users to:
Select competencies for development
Prioritize Needs
Build a development plan
Select from an extensive list of internal and
external development options
Add notes to any section of the plan
Save, print, download or e-mail the plan

$35 - access for one person
No annual renewal fee


For Organizations

Use the same development language
throughout your organization.
To speak with someone about making the
eDeveloper™ available to all employees:

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The eDeveloper™ is designed for:

  • Individual learners working on their own development
  • Supervisors and managers working on the development of another person
  • Coaches, mentors and feedback-givers

The Details

Drawing on the content of the Competency Development Guide (aka Resource Guides for Developing Competencies), the eDeveloper™ contains updated material and additional resources for developing 35 competencies. For each competency, the following information (unique to each competency) is provided.

  • A definition and the specific behaviors of a person demonstrating the competency
  • Importance of the competency
  • General consideration in developing the competency
  • Practicing the competency
  • Obtaining feedback
  • Learning from experts
  • Coaching suggestions for managers
  • Sample development goals
  • Developmental resources
  • Books
  • Self-study courses
  • Succession Planning
  • External courses and workshops
  • Other learning resources

eDeveloper™ also provides access to:

  • A practical framework for performance management and career development.
  • How competencies are acquired and how people can motivate themselves and others for professional development.
  • Nine exercises and forms (e.g. the Competency Selector) to help people identify specific competencies to target for development. This includes career planning exercises to help people think more broadly about what they want to do with their life and career.
  • How to obtain the involvement and support of a supervisor or coach in a development planning process. Several forms can be emailed directly to a supervisor to obtain the supervisor's input. Tips, tools and advice for coaches and supervisors are also provided.

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