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Learn how to develop a foundation for talent management and development in your organization. Each workshop in this series of programs is practical, interactive and engaging and is led by an instructor who has at least 30 years of experience in developing and implementing competency-based HR systems.

Typical attendance is 15-20 participants, which provides an opportunity for practice, group discussion, networking, and individual consulting help for each participant.

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Our workshops are available for onsite delivery, where they can be tailored to the needs of the sponsoring organization. Workshops below.

Public Workshops


Building Competency Models Three-day Workshop

Develop competency frameworks, job competency models, and competency-based HR and talent management applications. Learn a six-step process based on the original McBer “job competence assessment” methodology.




Advanced Competency Modeling Two-day Workshop

Utilize innovative methods and alternative architectures to building technical and non-technical models. Describe competencies in levels and as a hierarchy of skill areas. Manage complexity in competency models.




Creating Technical Competencies One-day Workshop

Collect and analyze data needed to create technical competencies and competency models for technical jobs. Conduct technical domain Interviews with subject matter experts, job analysis interviews, and facilitate competency-mapping sessions.




Interviewing For Competencies One-day Workshop

Effectively use a competency-based structured behavioral interview to assess an individual's competencies. Apply those assessments to selection, developmental coaching, and career counseling decisions and processes.





Interactive online presentations and seminars on a variety of topics of interest to people interested in improving the performance of employees and organizations


Client Testimonials

“These programs teach you valuable information that will benefit your entire HR process from recruiting, performance management, and succession planning.” Director of HR & Training - Engineering Company

“Brilliant programs with an unimaginable amount of resources.” HR Manager - Government

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