Building Competency Models Program Agenda

Day One

Overview & Conceptual Framework

  • Competencies: Research and background
  • What is a competency model
  • Criteria for a good competency model
  • Value and benefits of job competency models

Step 1 Conceptualizing the Project

  • Thinking through the business need
  • Clarifying the need with the sponsor
  • Developing an approach
  • Gaining the sponsors support for the approach
  • Three approaches to competency model building

Step 2 Project Planning

  • Stakeholder analysis
  • Structure of the project plan

Step 3 Data Collection

  • Data collection tasks
  • Primary data collection methods
  • Secondary data collection methods

Day Two

Step 3 Data Collection (cont'd)

  • Complete data gathering exercises

Step 4 Data Analysis and Coding

  • General approach for analyzing data
  • Analyzing data from job analysis interviews
  • Analyzing data from structured event interviews
  • Integrate data from all sources
  • Target data exercise
  • Coding Exercise
  • Analyzing data from resource panels

Step 5 Building the Competency Model

  • Select a set of competencies
  • Create behavioral indicators
  • Identify clusters
  • Prepare draft of model
  • Review with sponsors

Day Three

Step 2 Project Planning (revisited)

  • Complete planning exercise (own project)

Step 6 Developing Applications

  • Professional Development and Training
  • Selection
  • Performance Management
  • Succession Planning
  • Other–Compensation, Culture change
  • Group discussions on specific applications

Summary and Program Wrap-up

  • Summary exercise
  • Final issues and wrap-up


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