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Include competencies in each human resource management application.

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Competency Models

1. Learn how to Build Competency Models

Attend our 3-day public or onsite workshop

Job Competency Models

2. Develop Job Competency Models

Simplify with a competency dictionary.

Human Resource Applications

3. Create Human Resource Applications

Enhance with competency development guides,


Features of our talent management solutions.

Practical & User-Friendly

Advanced technology that does not require a PH.D. to understand. Services and products have been tested and applied in the real world, to be used by employees at all levels.

Flexible. Customizable.

Everything, including the competency dictionary, interview guides and development guides, and on-site workshops, can be customized.

Highly Experienced Support

Provided by six senior consultants, each with over 30 years of experience in job competency modeling, competency-based talent management, and organization and leadership development

Validated Methodology

Based on the original job competence assessment methodology developed by Dr. David McClelland and McBer in the 1970’s.

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Workshop fees are applied to the cost of a Competency Dictionary license

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