Competencies: The Foundation for Performance

Meeting_b&wcolor_646x220-1Do your employees need their peers to outperform? Is their work environment motivating them to push their own limits, or is it motivating them to perform “on par”?

Consider this…when used during the HR selection process, competency models have proven effective in identifying certain behaviors that affect the welfare of other individuals within an organization. In fact, these behavior traits offer a better means of predicting occupational success versus traditional IQ or aptitude tests.

Furthermore, competency models can be highly beneficial when used for training and employee development within an organization. Serving as a foundation for performance, they become “position-specific” competencies that can increase engagement and overall workplace well being.

Beyond Happy and Satisfied

Employee engagement often times is assumed to be synonymous with ‘employee happiness’ or, simply, job satisfaction. Defined, employee engagement is actually an emotional commitment an employee has to an organization and its goals; meaning they actually care about their work and the company’s success.

Although competency models cannot claim all the kudos in helping an organization fully achieve employee engagement, they certainly aid in laying the necessary groundwork.

The Higher the Results, The Higher the Engagement

Establishing performance-based competency models are key tools in any human resources system. It provides a clear signal to employees regarding encouraged behaviors and attitudes, further guiding them toward higher performance.

Its benefits can be defined as:

  • Improved communication
  • Job and employee satisfaction
  • Organizational effectiveness
  • Increased employee engagement

The How of Performance

Competencies serve as the ‘how’ of performance, and must be present to ensure long-term success. Through establishing individual employee performance competencies, you can increase productivity and personal job satisfaction – the necessary first steps to achieving employee engagement and workplace well being.

For more information on how competencies can produce superior performance in your organization, please visit our Competency-based Performance Management, Competency-based Training & Development, and Competency-based Talent Management pages.

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